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General Membership Meeting

Brooke-Mondale Auditorium Salon C

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Why attend the membership meeting? So you can learn more about issues that affect you. At our last meeting, President Ashaki Robinson Johns spoke about New Core, HUD’s effort to modernize financial systems and share services with the Bureau of Public Debt. Did you know that most of the 212 employees that will be affected are in Local 476? See our Meetings & Minutes page for minutes of past meetings.

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OPM 2013 Report to Congress: Status of Telework
in the Federal Government

The Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 required federal executive agencies to establish a policy authorizing eligible employees to telework, determine eligibility for all of its employees to telework, and notify all agency employees of their eligibility to telework.

The two most common barriers to telework in the federal government are management resistence and information technology/security, according to OPM's report. Sixty-four percent (64%) of nonsupervisory employees do not telework because of a barrier such as management resistence.

Read OPM's Status of Telework in the Federal Government. Search for "Housing and Urban Development" or scan for highlighted sections to see HUD's data.

OPM's report is based on voluntary agency responses to a data call and the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. While much of the report provides cumulative data without attributing specific issues to a particular agency, it does offer a few specific details about HUD:

telework denials

Based on the report, it appears that 5,283 HUD employees have telework agreements, and 2,655 engaged in situational telework in FY 2012. HUD reported only two denials of requests to telework in 2012.

OPM estimated that each employee that teleworks three days per week can save 6,500 miles of commuting travel per year, as well as the corresponding fuel costs, wear and tear on the car, traffic delays, and stress. Telework is good for employees, good for HUD, good for the metro area, and good for the environment. The Union agrees with the report's conclusion that management attitudes are our biggest barrier to implementing telework more effectively.

Situational and emergency telework is good for continuity of operations but it does not respond to the need for regular telework for all eligible employees. Local 476 is working to improve telework benefits for our employees.

Work is not a place. It's what you do.

HUD's Employee Satisfaction Rate Declines for Third Straight Year

See the full report of the 2013 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey results.

You Said It: "HUD is the Worst Place to Work"

Employee Viewpoint Survey Shows HUD Tied for Last Place among Federal Agencies

Ashaki Robinson Johns

Local 476 President Ashaki Robinson Johns Addresses Survey Findings

The evidence is in. HUD ranks (once again) as one of the worst places to work in the Federal Government. This is not news as most of us are aware of morale’s downward spiral across the Department in the past few years. As federal employees, we are assaulted on many fronts; conservatives don’t see the utility of federal service and liberals don’t think that we do enough to service our customers. Sadly, it seems as if we are also being attacked from within our agency by upper management that is constantly “transforming” the way that we do business.

We have been told to “identify core values” as if we did not possess a collective moral compass that drives us to do our best. Bumper stickers and tote bags are emblazoned with “I believe in HUD” as if WE needed to be reminded of the importance of our jobs and expertise.

Now there is a video running on HUDTV with the trite business fiction, “Who Moved My Cheese,” where humans are encouraged to act as mice behave when cheese is moved within a maze. The video asks “Which mouse are you? Are you the mouse that quickly adapts to change or are you the victim who asks “why” the cheese was moved?” To think that those of us who have made careers out of knowing what works best in housing are likened to those who whine and complain with every change is insulting. I truly wonder which core value that thought represents.

There is value in asking about the timing and utility of implementing a haphazard, all-encompassing, and extremely expensive New Core shared services agreement in a time of sequestration and cutbacks to our programs.

I encourage each of you to continue to ask the questions. Talk to your colleagues. Question the changes. Offer solutions to work in partnership with management.

Active participation in our Union has never been more important. Join the Union today so your voice can be heard!

Union to HUD: Stop the Multifamily Reorganization and Small Office Closures!

The Multifamily Reorganization and Small Office Closures involve significant front-end costs.

Council 222 filed Demands to Bargain in an effort to protect employees who work in offices affected by HUD's planned Multifamily Office Reorganization, which affects over 1,100 bargaining unit employees across the country, and those affected by HUD's proposed closure of 16 "small" offices. Read more.

GAO Tells HUD: Make Strategic Human Capital and Workforce Planning an Ongoing Priority

In a March 2013 report to Congress, GAO noted that HUD has not created incentives or accountability for staff to report accurate workload data. Citing a June 2012 OPM review, GAO stated, "HUD’s human capital and workforce planning activities did not always follow key principles for planning, implementing, and evaluating the results of human capital management policies and practices." GAO concluded that "HUD continues to lack consistent, analytically-based data generated from an effective resource management may not have complete information upon which to make effective resource estimation and allocation decisions." Read the GAO report.

You Pay Your Share of Taxes...Does HUD?

A HUD Inspector General's report found that HUD's Office of Labor Relations failed pay the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) more than $200,000 in taxes that were withheld from employee wage restitution payments. Employees do not need to be concerned as the tax withholding was credited to each employee affected. See the report.

Increase in Transit Subsidy

More Money in Your Pocket

Metro logo

HUD agreed to increase the transit subsidy for employees to $245 per month, the current maximum monthly transit benefit that can be provided tax-free. The announcement followed many weeks of effort by Council 222 President Eddie Eitches. The increase was effective April 1, 2013. The transit subsidy increase applies to employees across the country. See the Council's E-Alert for more information.

The Union continues to aggressively pursue authorization to allow transit subsidy money for parking at Metro or commuter lots on official workdays.

Telework in Emergency Conditions

Wondering what you're supposed to do when the office is closed due to inclement weather and other emergencies? See HUD's Telework Policy Handbook (page 20) and the Telework Supplement for guidance.

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Performance Improvement Plans

Have you received a poor performance evaluation? Has your supervisor mentioned that a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is being considered as part of an evaluation of your individual work performance? Beware! In the Union's experience, the use of a PIP is often the beginning of the removal or demotion process. If you have been placed on a PIP, or have just received a poor performance evaluation, contact the Union immediately! Read more.

 House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Eddie Eitches, Council 222 President and Local 476 First Vice President, discuss HUD's future.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) takes a moment with Eddie Eitches, Council 222 President and Local 476 First Vice President, to discuss HUD's future.

News that Affects You

AFGE's Legislation and Politics has information on legislation that you care about.

Union Signs MOU with HUD Cancelling Final Two Furlough Days

August 9, 2013. Eddie Eitches, President of AFGE Council 222, signed an agreement with HUD today that eliminates the last two furlough days scheduled in FY 2013. The agreement was reached in settlement of the Union's grievance against HUD that identified numerous violations of the furlough MOU that was signed two months earlier.

Union, HUD Reach Agreement on Hardship Reassignments

August 5, 2013. Eddie Eitches, President of AFGE Council 222, signed National Supplement 131 with HUD, spelling out the procedures and conditions under which employees may request reassignments due to hardship conditions.

6:00am Start Time Extended

August 2013. The undated National Supplement 127 extends Supplement 111 regarding the 6:00am start time and flexitour credit hours until July 27, 2014.

Union, HUD Sign MOU on Furloughs

March 15, 2013. AFGE Council 222 and HUD signed an agreement today that describes the conditions under which employees may be furloughed. The agreement preserves employees' compressed work schedules and protects other rights.

Eddie Eitches Negotiates Increase in Transit Subsidy

February 21, 2013. In response to a Memorandum of Understanding submitted to HUD by AFGE Council 222, HUD agreed today to increase the transit subsidy for all employees to the maximum $245/month as allowed by law. See the Council's E-Alert for more information.

Rotational Assignment Program Established

August 1, 2012. AFGE Council 222 President Eddie Eitches signed an agreement with HUD today to create a rotational assignment program that will provide development opportunities for employees. Read National Supplement 123. This is a pilot program that will expire a year after implementation. Watch for more information about open rotational assignments.

Early Start Time Extended for Additional Year

July 20, 2012. Council 222 President Eddie Eitches signed an agreement with HUD today to extend the 6:00 a.m. start time through July 27, 2013. National Supplement 119a extends all the provisions of Supplement 111, signed in 2009, including eligibility to earn credit hours until 7:30 p.m. The previous extension, Supplement 119, did not specifically refer to Supplement 111, and some field offices did not recognize the 7:30 p.m. end time. Read more.

Local 476 Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge over HUD's Implementation of Ginnie Mae Reorganization without Bargaining

April 20, 2012. In spite of AFGE Local 476's repeated efforts to negotiate in good faith with HUD, HUD ignored all points raised by the Local and proceeded to implement Ginnie Mae's Reorganization without bargaining. AFGE filed an Unfair Labor Practice complaint with the Federal Labor Relations Authority over HUD's refusal to bargain with the Union.

Foreclosure Prevention Help Available

February 2, 2012. HUD's Washington, DC Field Office can help borrowers who need assistance in preventing foreclosure. If you need up-to-date information on foreclosure prevention or scams related to foreclosures for yourself, your family, or friends, contact Belinda Fadlelmola at 202-275-6280. All discussions and referrals will remain confidential. See the press release describing the latest changes to the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), which are designed to help more borrowers benefit from refinancing a home mortgage.

Local 476 Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge over HUD's Failure to Bargain Space Assignments

January 24, 2012. Local 476 has filed an Unfair Labor Practice complaint with the Federal Labor Relations Authority in connection with HUD's failure to bargain over the assignment of NFFE personnel to space assigned to AFGE employees in the Los Angeles Departmental Enforcement Center.

Local 476 Issues Demand to Bargain on Official Time for Fitness Activities

January 4, 2012. Recognizing that federal law permits agencies to establish health service programs to promote and maintain employees' physical and mental fitness, Local 476 filed a Demand to Bargain over its proposal to allow up to three hours per week for bargaining unit employees to participate in fitness activities without charge to leave. Read more.

Local 476 Charges Agency with Unfair Labor Practice over Clearinghouse Implementation

December 7, 2011. Local 476 filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge against HUD with the Federal Labor Relations Authority regarding the way the agency is implementing the Clearinghouse program. Read more.


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