AFGE Local 476

About Local 476

Find us in Room 3142 of the HUD Headquarters Building or call us at 202-402-3077. You can find a steward on our Stewards page, which is updated each quarter.


Ashaki Robinson Johns

Ashaki Robinson Johns, President

Ashaki is a Social Science Analyst in Policy Development and Research and has been at HUD since 2006. She is vice president of the HUD Child care Center Board. Before coming to HUD, Ashaki worked in the field of social work and community organizing. She received her PhD in social policy from Brandeis University.



Cynthia Carter

Cynthia Fisher Carter, 1st Vice President





Kirk Mensah

Kirk Mensah, 2nd Vice President





Rodney Rose

Rodney Rose, Secretary





Monique Love

Monique Love, Treasurer

Monique began work at HUD in May 1989 as a clerk typist. In 1997 she was selected for the Upward Mobility Program and Monique is now a Housing Project Manager in Multifamily Housing/Asset Management. Monique has extensive training from AFGE National to ensure that she is knowledgeable and capable of handling her fiduciary responsibilities as Local 476 Treasurer.




Jerry Gross, Delegate

Christopher McLennon, Delegate

Holly Salamido, Delegate

Alternate Delegates: Monique Denhart, Mark Matulef, Nathaniel Johnson



Chief Steward: Kirk Mensah, 202-402-3892.

AFGE Local 476 has numerous stewards to represent our bargaining unit. If you need representation by AFGE Local 476 or advice, contact the chief steward.